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Baseball Rules

Printable Rules PDF (Updated as of 4/2/21. All rulings will follow the current                                             rules posted on the DC website)

Due to COVID-19 Some Rules May Need to be

Altered for a Tournament at Directors Discretion

Metal Cleats will NOT be allowed on Portable Mounds!



  • Ring Tournaments. Only 12 rings will be awarded (Players Only) per championship team. Any extra rings for players, coaches, or parents will be $10 per ring.

7u/8u Rules

  • Home plate is closed.
  • Base runner must be hit in or advanced on a base loaded walk or hit batter.
  • Infield fly rule is not in effect.
  • Runner cannot steal until the ball crosses home plate.
  • 8u- No five run rule.
  • 7u- 5 run rule first 3 innings, open 4th inning on. No bunting allowed.

 9u-18u Rules                                     

  • Divisions are based upon player's ages as of year (As of April 30th, 2021).
  • Players may play up in age but may not play down.
  • Players may only play on one team per age group during a weekend.
  • Teams should make every attempt to have a non-duplication number on their jerseys at least 4 inches in size.
  • Teams must be prepared to start any Scheduled game 30 minutes early.
  • Teams running more than 10 minutes late will forfeit that game. (Director Discretion)
  • Each tournament, all participating teams will be required to submit a signed roster prior to the start of their first game. All tournament fees are due by the start of the first game, No championship game will start if fee has not been paid and team may forfeit if fees are not collected.
  • Team roster must list all players, playing for a team for the weekend. ( If you have a player playing on Sunday only they must be on the roster turned in on Saturday)

Rainout Policy

  • Rainout policy is as follows. No games played - 100% refund or credit. 1 game played - 50% off future tournament. 2 games played - no refunds.
  • There will be no awards issued if the tournament is rained out.

General Rules

  • Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed in the dugout
  • Playing rules not specifically covered herein, shall be governed by The Official MLB Rules of Baseball - National League.
  • Home team will be determined by a coin flip in pool play. In playoffs, higher seeded team will have choice (Home / Visitor).
  •  Each team will provide a scorekeeper with all changes going through home plate umpire.
  • On one day tournaments with more than one pool, the highest seeded team will have choice (Home / Visitor)  in championship game.
  • All conversations with an umpire should be conducted after a time out has been called and be held in a calm and professional manner. Verbal abuse of an umpire will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the game.
  • Only Team managers may discuss calls with umpires
  • Any manager or coach ejected from a game is subject to sit out their next game at the discretion of the director. An ejected manager or coach must not be in the area of the field after being ejected or during the pre-game or play of the suspended game. Any manager or coach caught continuing to coach after being ejected or suspended will be suspended for an additional period of time. Any player ejected from a game is subject to a one game suspension at the tournament director's discretion.
  • Managers and coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans.
  • Only Managers will approach umpires during the game.
  • Any team knowingly using illegal players shall be subject to discipline ranging from forfeiting a game, ejection of the manager from the tournament.
  • Any team forfeiting a game may not advance to playoff rounds if it is determined that it is beneficial to that team with regards to runs allowed / differential etc.
  • All protests will be ruled on immediately and all decisions are final once the next pitch is thrown, team loses the right to protest. If extra time is needed to make a decision then the game clock will be stopped until a decision is reached.
  • Absolutely, no pre-game infield on any of the fields. Warm-up may only be conducted in foul territory and the outfield!!!
  • The Director of the tournament reserves the right to change locations of tournament games and will be the final ruling in all rules and decisions. 
  • No mechanical noisemakers or intentional distractions are allowed.
  • Coaches are encouraged to check all entries on the bracket sheets at the conclusion of each game to verify accuracy.
  • No more than 4 coaches will be allowed in the dugout.

Seeding will be determined by:
1) Winning / Loss Percentage - Descending
4) Tied Teams (vs. each other) Winning Pct - Descending (Not valid if all TIED teams have not played each other)
5) Avg Points Allowed - Ascending
6) Avg Points Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending
7) Ranking Points - Descending
8) Date Team Entered USSSA Database

DISTANCES            MOUND             BASES
7u & 8u                     40 ft                   55/60 ft
9u & 10u                   46 ft                   60/65 ft
11u & 12u                 50 ft                   65/70 ft
13u                           54/60.5 ft            80/90 ft
14u+                         60.5 ft                 90 ft

Pitching restrictions 

  • Metal Cleats will NOT be allowed on Portable Mounds
  • illegal pitcher protocol (The manager must call timeout and ask the umpire to call a direction to verify the innings pitched while the pitcher is on the mound)
  • The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in one (1) day and still pitch the next day is three (3) innings
  • The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in one (1) day is six (6) innings in the 7u-12u age divisions or seven (7) in the 13u-14u age divisions
  • The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in three (3) consecutive days is eight (8) innings
  • A player may legally pitch eight (8) innings in two (2) days as long as the player doesn't pitch more than three (3) innings the first day
  • A player may legally pitch eight (8) innings in three (3) days as long as the player doesn't pitch more than three (3) innings the first or the second day
  • Two (2) day Tournament maximum is eight (8) innings
  • If a player pitches more than three (3) innings in one day, that player must not pitch the next day
  • If a player pitches eight (8) innings in two (2) consecutive days, that player must not pitch the next day
  • If a player that pitches three (3) consecutive days (regardless of total quantity of innings pitched), that player must not pitch the next day
  • For all cumulative totals for pitching rules, one (1) pitch equals one (1) inning pitched
  • Violation of pitching restrictions will result in the automatic ejection of the offending Manager from the current game and from the following game as well as the ejection of the offending player for the current game.
  • If a player is ejected and the batting lineup has available subs then the batting position can be filled, if there are no available subs then the team will receive an out for each time that batting position comes up to bat
  • Official pitching logs will be available on USSSA brackets or at the DC Directors Booth after each round of games
  • Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, they may not pitch again in that game. A pitcher is considered in the game once that player throws one warm up pitch from the mound.
  • Pitching mound visits will remain 3 coaches visits, with the 3rd visit and every visit after resulting in a pitching change.
  • 7u-10u- The umpire is encouraged to issue one warning for Balks per pitcher.
  • 11u+ The umpire will exercise strict adherence to the Balk rules.
  • Third to First fake pickoff will be considered a Balk
  • Balk = Continuous play


  • 7u/12u No new inning after 1:40 or 6 innings whichever comes first
  • 13u+ No new inning after 1:40 or 7 innings whichever comes first
  • Once an inning begins, it must be completed. However, if the home team is ahead and batting when time expires, the game is over and the inning is not completed. Also, when the case of a homerun, all runs will count.
  • If time expires in a tie game in pool play, game is a tie.
  • Every effort will be made to finish tournament but in case of park curfew, rain, darkness or other acts of God, the Director reserves the right to shorten games and/or modify schedules.
  • Stalling will not be permitted, there will be 2 minutes between half innings. 
  • There will be a time limit in the Championship Game for 7u - 16u+  of (2 hours) no new inning, Mercy Rule will be in affect.
  • California tie breaker rule in affect for Playoffs & Championship Games
  • California tie breaker rule. (batting team will place the last out of the previous inning on 2nd base and will be charged with one out, this will continue each inning until there is a winner.)
  • Game time will start at plate meeting.


  • 6 inning game - 10 after 3 innings & 8 after 4 innings
  • 7 inning game - 10 after 3 innings & 8 after 4 innings


  • Teams may elect to bat 9 or 10 players with the 10th player being an EH.(The EH is considered a defensive player and may switch in and out defensively).
  • Teams may also bat their entire roster. (If team bats roster or has no subs when a starter is injured, then an out is recorded only the 1st time the injured player's spot comes up.
  • If a player is ejected than an out is recorded only the 1st time the ejected players spot comes up, after that the batting line up moves up.
  • Once an player is removed from the game due to injury, he is not permitted to re-enter that game.
  • Starters may re-enter one time only in their original spot.
  • Only ages 15 and up may use the DH, but only if they are not using the EH.
  •  A team may play with as few as seven players, outs will be recorded for missing players,Teams playing short may designate on the lineup card where the outs will fall. Players arriving late will be allowed to enter one of the "out" spots. 


  • To intentionally walk a batter, a coach simply needs to inform the umpire and point to first base. No pitches are thrown.


  • Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time.
  • The courtesy runner will be someone not currently in the game or if the team has no players on bench, the last out.
  • A courtesy runner may only run one time per inning.
  • It is the base runner's responsibility to avoid contact with the fielder when the fielder has the ball.
  • Slide or attempt to avoid is in effect at all times when fielder is in possession of ball.
  • Intentionally running into a fielder who is in possession of the ball is grounds for ejection (Umpire Discretion), Ejected players may also be ejected for the following game (Directors Discretion).


  • No metal cleats will be allowed in divisions 11u and below. No metal cleats will be allowed on any portable mound.
  • All bats must be an approved USSSA Stamped 1.15 or a Qualified BBCOR Bat or wood bat. No Softball Bats.
  • Max barrel in ages 7u & up is 2 3/4. Ages 13u must use a Qualified USSSA Stamped 1.15 bat (-5) or Qualified BBCOR bat (-3). Ages 14u & above must use Qualified BBCOR bat or wood bat. (-3) (Penalty for use of illegal bat will be an out. 2nd offense will result in ejection of offending player).
  • illegal bat protocol (The manager must call time out and ask the umpire to inspect the bat that is suspected of being illegal)
  • Catchers must wear hockey style face mask.